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Hollywood Book Fair 2008: Jo Kelly, left, author of The Truth About Being an Extra, with Linda Alexander, author of The Reluctant Witness, the biography of actor Robert Taylor (working title - The Maverick Life). Alexander is current writing a biography of actor Jack Kelly.

Jo Kelly and Linda Alexander at the Hollywood Book Fair

Daytona Beach 2008 - Book and Author Expo: Jo appeared on WCEU-TV, along with the other five ladies pictured here in the first photo. Jo and Linda Alexander appear in the next photo at their book display table at the Expo. (Linda Alexander is at work on a book about the life of Jack Kelly, the actor and television star who was Jo's husband until his passing.) The third photo pictures a few of the people who attended Jo's Sunday morning speech.

WCEU-TV authors/media guests, Daytona Beach, Florida

Jo with Linda Alexander, author of the upcoming book about actor Jack Kelly. Taken at the Book and Author Expo in Dayton Beach, Florida, 2008.

A few of the folks who turned out for Jo's appearance at the Expo in Daytona Beach, Florida in April 2008.

Signing for Don McAllister

Signing a book for Don McAllister,
former mayor of Huntington Beach, CA.

Jo schmoozes with Oscar
Spring 2007

Above, Jo's book was the best seller at Book Soup,  Costa Mesa, CA, the week of June 19, 2006. Above, Book Soup book signing.

Actor/producer Jayme Petrelli, left, Jo, and Tony Tarantino at a recent entertainment industry gathering.

Mark Victor Hansen and Jo Kelly, 2006

Jo Kelly meets Mark Victor Hansen (above left), co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul and America's premier inspirational and sales speaker; actor James Belushi (above right) and well known Los Angeles DJ Shadoe (right) at Book Expo America in Washington, DC.

Jo Kelly and James Belushi

Shadoe and Jo






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