Get a part-time acting job, be a seat-filler, avoid scams, have fun with this career!The Truth About Being an Extra: How to Become a Good Background Actor

If you are new to the movie industry and hope to break into acting, starting as a background actor or movie extra, The Truth About Being an Extra is a book you shouldn't be without.

Scams and solicitations of would-be movie extras are rampant. Aspiring actors are easily misled and their hard-earned money skimmed by greedy marketers. But you can by-pass the shenanigans and go right to a great background acting career with Jo Kelly. Order Jo's book now and get your own personal guide to success as a movie extra!

Jo Kelly's book shares the secrets to making it as a movie extra, working "the background" and advancing your movie career. You'll learn:

  • Where to register for extra work and commercials

  • Tools to help you get started

  • How to avoid movie industry scams and traps

  • How to find reputable casting agencies

  • How to join Screen Actors Guild (and double your pay!)

  • Tips for understanding industry terminology

  • How to register a child for commercials and background work

Take these easy steps for the giant leap in your movie career. Learn the shortcuts to getting great jobs and getting asked to come back for more movie extra jobs. Discover the tricks for avoiding scam artists in the movie and acting business. Put your acting plans into high gear with Jo Kelly's book today.

"If you want to become a background actor, this is a great start." - Shadoe Stevens, Los Angeles DJ

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"... without a doubt one of the most informative books we have seen." - Assistant to Actor Shirley Mac Laine

"I would recommend this book to anyone serious about the business." -  Reigning Fire Productions II

"Your book has answered many of my questions .."  Acting for Young People and Adults, Sanjay Pictures

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